Volunteer Opportunities

Your West Lake Elementary Parent-Teacher Association is a 100% volunteer-based organization run by parents just like you in partnership with school staff members. If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Lori Lohmeyer – VP, Volunteer Coordinator.

What does the PTA do?

The PTA coordinates and sponsors community-focused events and fundraising activities at WLE all year round. All of the money raised during these events goes straight back into our school, providing classroom supplies, new resources for our C Space, necessary maintenance on school property and more.

Why does the PTA need volunteers?

Our board members, committee chairs and many of our most active members are busy parents just like you. Too often, a small, core group of PTA supporters shoulders the bulk of the responsibility for planning and running the activities we’ve come to love and expect each year, such as the science fair, book fair, yearbook production and Wallypalooza.

It takes a village to pull off these large-scale projects! Many hands make light work. The more active members and volunteers we have supporting PTA efforts, the less work it will be for all involved – and the more time we’ll all have to spend with our families.

I volunteer in my child’s classroom. Isn’t that the same thing?

In-class volunteer activities are totally separate from what the PTA does. We need your help to support the extra activities that provide our children with the social, cultural, community and even high-tech experiences that contribute to a well-rounded education.

What do I need to do to become a PTA volunteer?

Simply fill out the WLE PTA 2016-2017 Volunteer Form. You’ll also need to contact the WLE front office to apply for a volunteer badge, which is issued by the school after you pass your Wake County background check. It can take a few weeks to hear back from Wake County, and volunteers must re-apply each school year.

I submitted all my info for the background check. Now what?

Contact the WLE front office — the PTA does not distribute volunteer badges, but you must have one in order to volunteer at PTA activities and events.

My employer says I can volunteer during the workday. How does that work?

Many area employers offer this fantastic benefit! Details vary by organization, so start by checking with your human resources department. There’s usually a form to fill out that documents the time you’ve spent volunteering.

Some area employers (SAS in Cary, for one) take their support of volunteering efforts a step further – they’ll make a cash donation to our school based on the number of hours you spend volunteering! Find out if your employer offers this benefit, too.

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