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Your West Lake Elementary Parent-Teacher Association is a 100% volunteer-based organization run by parents just like you in partnership with school staff. The PTA coordinates and sponsors events and fundraising activities at WLE all year long. All of the profit from these events goes straight back into our school. Funds from your WLE PTA have paid for classroom supplies, thousands of dollars’ worth of new books for our Media Center and book room, necessary maintenance on school property and so much more.

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Who We Are

The PTA is organized and led by a group of officers – a president, several vice presidents, a treasurer and a secretary – who are elected by the community each year. Issues and topics are discussed at our regular PTA meetings, and decisions are made based on votes by the members present at these meetings. Our PTA committee chairs coordinate and support focused efforts in a variety of areas.

Robin Higgins – President
Kim DeGroff – Treasurer
Jessica Spencer – Secretary
Lisa Finger – VP, Health Advocacy & Legislation
Lori Lohmeyer – VP, Volunteer Coordinator
Dawn Earp – VP, Ways & Means
Kirsten Hagopian – VP, Programs
Julie Brown – VP, Climate

What We Do

Fundraising: PTA fundraising efforts support supplemental programs at our school, including:

  • Cultural Arts programs
  • Health and wellness initiatives, including the Wallaby Walk and Family Fitness Night
  • The Science Fair
  • Graduation receptions
  • Staff appreciation events
  • Spirit Day activities
  • And more!

Additionally, PTA funds pay for the student agendas that are used throughout the school year, National Geographic subscriptions for all students, and much-needed classroom supplies for our teachers, from basic supplies to iPads and other needed technology. PTA funds also help improve our school facilities to keep our buildings and grounds safe and attractive.

Community Activities: Your WLE PTA coordinates and supports a variety of community-focused activities throughout the school year. Through activities like the Cans and Coats Drive, we help foster compassion in our children and emphasize the importance of giving back to our community.

Membership and Meetings

ALL families are encouraged to join and participate in the WLE PTA. Even grandparents, other relatives and friends can join! Membership is just $10 per person – and it’s 100% tax-deductible. Learn more now.


Books:  Book Fair is a huge success each year, with one event in the fall and one more in the spring.  In combination with other PTA funds, WLE has benefited from over $50,000 in books/reading resources!

Cultural Art Programs:  The PTA was happy to provide funds in enriching cultural art programs for our children. Students enjoyed programs this year such as Number Drummer and Dave the Birdman and in prior years: storyteller Donna Washington, an African American Dance Ensemble, Bay Street Brass Works and Mad Science demonstrations!

PTA Traditions:  PTA volunteers and funds have also supported many other programs which have become part of West Lake Elementary. To name a few, Science Fair, Reflections, Wallypalooza, Spirit Wear and Spirit Days, Staff Lunches, 5th Grade Graduation and Yearbook.

In addition, we have assisted in the completion of the interior painting projects and landscape updates for the school.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. My son, Samson, is a new Kindergartener on Track 4. I planned to come to the meet and greet today but the storm was crazy when I arrived to get Samson from YMCA after school care and decided it was safest to go home. I will complete the membership form and be on the lookout for further information about events and volunteering. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do. Thank you for the work you do!
    Lara Pacifici

    • Thanks, Lara! That storm sure put a damper on tonight’s event.

      We’ll also be at open house on Thursday. Hope to see you there! :)

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